Older MJ bags

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  1. i've become interested in buying some of MJ's bags from past seasons, like from 2003 and earlier. do you know where i can find them? is ebay the only way?
  2. Don't know where you live, but the Saks Off 5th stores carry older MJ styles at reasonable prices. You have to REALLY look for something good and maybe even get an SA to call you when new bags come in.
  3. ^^ oh, okay they have a few stores in the atlanta area. i'll definitely check it out!
  4. What is Saks off 5th.
  5. It's a Saks "outlet" they sell older styles of clothes, bags, shoes etc.
  6. Hi, this is my first post!

    Ebay is actually a great place to find older MJ bags and you can often get a good deal on them. I saw an older multi pocket with the one large front pocket and turnlock closure on Ebay this morning. There's also a Frankie hobo on there somewhere...
  7. I have some MJ bags for sale in the WTS thread...I have alot of MJ bags.....so if you need to know the names of any...just ask me....I am a big collector of his bags!
  8. thanks, jill! i just sent you a pm.