Older Lady with LV bag

  1. I was walking in the mall yestarday and saw an older lady (probably in her late 80's) carrying a LV Mono Speedy 25. It looked quite used but very classy & sophisticated on her. I had smile on my face and realized that LV bag are timeless and will never go out of style like other bags. I guess I just can't picture and elderly ladies carrying a speedy, but it just seems to compliment her style and look. Maybe it's the way that she carries herself that makes her look good.

  2. young, middle aged, or old woman can ALWAYS rock a speedy!
  3. How could you not see a 'elderly' lady carrying a Speedy?
  4. My mom carries a Speedy and she is 57.
  5. My beloved grandma was 80 when us grandkids pulled our $$ together and got her her first LV, which happened to be a speedy. She loved it and carried it with pride till the day she died. We thought she looked very classy. I personally think LV purses are classy on anyone, any age :amuse:
  6. Agree!
  7. I hope I turn heads when I am 80 and carrying my Speedy!
  8. ^ lol! I saw an older lady with a speedy in stop and shop once. It looked very nice on her.
  9. Aw! What a sweet thing to do. I bet she thought of you all everytime she carried it. :amuse:
  10. I saw an old woman carrying a black MC one when I was getting my hair done, she knew how to work it!
  11. What a sweet story.
  12. When I'm 80, that's when I'll be sporting a speedy. Right now I'm not a big fan of monogram but I'm in love with Epi & Suhali.
  13. My Grandmother Loves Her Bags...She Has Worn LV, As Long As I Can Remember ~ She's In Her 80's.
  14. its another reason why LVs are a investment you can use them forever!
  15. LV = ageless/timeless, IMO:love: