Older Hermes Scarf - Not Listed Anywhere - Please help identify it

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  1. Hi,

    I've looked in all places, searched the web, have been to the Herme's store in NYC, and no one knows the particulars of this scarf. Photos here

    Is there someone here who knows anything about the artist, when the scarf was made and its name?

    Much appreciated. Best wishes - opalacent
  2. Is it definitely Hermes because I see no name on it.....
  3. Hi,

    On the bottom of the scarf it says Par Hermes a Paris [​IMG]
  4. Ahh ok, couldn't see that on the auction
  5. its a 70cm silk scarf from last fall 07. made from the vintage feel silk

    its called Grand Carrosse as you can see in the pic you posted the name of it.

    that auction looks dirty.
  6. LOL.

    Very amusing indeed. Considering that it was old when I got it almost 20 years ago. Ah well.

    I did email Hermes for information. There is a feeling also that this could be one of a kind - made for a dignitary or diplomat.

    The facts will come about. No doubt.
  7. It is actually 84x86 cm - just fyi.
  8. :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  9. I just googled Grand Carrosse - and found the COPY they made of the original - which is the one posted here on top. I have the original one made back when - which is the one posted on the bottom. You can clearly see they are different.

  10. its not a copy...a reissue done in the 70cm version.
  11. Beautiful design.
  12. What the OP is saying is that he/she has the original issue, not the new one. This is an old design.
  13. I know what she is saying.
  14. Just want to jump in really quickly and remind everyone that you cannot post links to your own auctions. While we have no problem with you posting pics for information, please do so without using your ebay auction link.

    Also, since the OP is just asking for information on the name of this particular design, lets try to stay just on that topic. Thank you!