older embossed styles?

  1. I'm a huuuuuge fan of the older embossed leather items Coach came out with (not the embossing with stitching around it). I think it may be my absolute favorite thing they ever sold and the only things I ever bought were two little things (I don't even know it's style name) that originally came with a pad and tiny pen, but I used as wallets.

    I did a search for embossed items and found a few things but not a lot. Does anyone have embossed items they can show me photos of? I'd also love to know the style #'s along with the photos. I'm not good with the drilldown whatsoever, so those of you who like to spend your time inputting numbers for the hell of it I'd love if you'd find all the different embossed items they came out with!! Hehehe.

    I just discovered these today:

    If only they made a shoulder bag like this!!! Or did they...?
  2. i love that first one.
  3. I actually had gotten the second one on eBay in yellow... but it was sooooo tiny i just had to resell it.. the first one is bigger and woul be more manageable but everytime it comes on eBay its so overpriced!
  4. ^ I noticed that... Haha. But it looks so nice!! I wish Coach would bring this embossed leather back!!
  5. I have the older embossed wallet (which I love). Unfortunately, I can't take a pick of it because my mom fell in love with it too and refuses to give it back! lol

    But I agree with you - the embossed line is one of my favorites. Whenever I see that bag on eBay, I sooo tempted - until I see the price.
  6. MAYBE THEY ARE!!! :graucho:
  7. Don't tease!! *lol* I would loooooooooooooove for them to bring this style of embossed back... the newer one looks good from afar but when I go right up to it I don't like the holes and stitching around the C's. Blah.
  8. maybe they re getting rid of the stitching :graucho: and maybe they re coming out with new ones in the summer
  9. Oh katrynar, you are being mean now......but YAH!!!!!!!! I'm glad to hear that its coming back.
  10. OMG I'd love it if that came back!
  11. Thank god! The stitched embossing made it look tacky. I have the embossed men's belt in tobacco. I'm dying for more embossed men's bags and accessories.
  12. fyi thats smaller than it looks
  13. maya-exquisite...

    Totally O.T.

    I just have to ask...did you buy this bag in Hawaii?? Isn't your home state the only one that got this bag??? Did you get it from eBay??? Sorry for the OT questions!!:p


    Oh...and the tokidoki's are so cute!! I've never seen those before!!:love: Where do you find them???