Older city sighting...

  1. :love: i saw an older city bag, the color was like a greyish-green. it was so beautiful. the leather look like the chloe paddington leather, maybe just a little thinner. but the leather was a lot thicker than this year and the last year, it also wasn't veiny/or shiny. does anyone know what year and season this maybe. Cause investing in an older b-bag is definitely a good investment.
  2. yeah i agree sounds like dolma! yumm! where were you when you saw it? my friend in NYC tells me she sees at least one dolma a week- I think it was a very popular color there!
  3. *sigh* dolma green and mustard are my dream colors! :love:
  4. yeah it was a really old looking bag. still beautiful. the only thing about it was that it had black handles, from just holding on to it. it looked so bad that i wouldnt want to hold her bag for her.:wtf: she said she really put some good use to it. (basically put it out like she beats it up) but i don't think i would let any of my bags get that bad.
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