Older BBag from Bluefly - please authenticate

  1. With all the craziness with the bbags on bluefly this a.m., I was hoping you experts could look at a bag I got awhile back. I am pretty sure it is ok (like the black work I am selling on WTS) because I have one that is from Balenciaga but want to make sure. Thanks! Sorry for the bother.
    grey bbag 001 (Small).jpg grey bbag 002 (Small).jpg grey bbag 003 (Small).jpg grey bbag 004 (Small).jpg grey bbag 005 (Small).jpg grey bbag 006 (Small).jpg
  2. Don't worry yours looks exactly like it has to look.
  3. It looks authentic to me. =)
  4. ditto!
  5. I think this morning (and the Bronze City a while back) were aberrations. I hope they are the only aberrations.
  6. chigirl, this particular bag is authentic.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    As I stated in another post, I grabbed a few this morning. If they are fake, they go back. If they are real, they will go on WTS (with the discounted price off course). I think that they may be fake but I hope not for the PF board.
  8. This one is authentic...

    I'm pretty sure their recent bags that were listed were a 'bad purchase' from whoever they bought from -- because those are fake.
  9. Looks good to me.
  10. Oh this is great news! Yours look authentic... so I guess they just had a new "supplier" that were selling questionable merchandise since the bronze incident
  11. looks good to me too! Nice purse :smile: