Older bag Choice - Cerises Speedy or Bucket?


Should I look for a Cerises Speedy or Bucket

  1. Speedy

  2. Bucket

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  1. I have a couple of small pieces from the Cerises line, and I love them. But I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and get a large central and the question is Speedy or Bucket bag. I know they will be used, but I've wanted them for so long.
    Who has what? Does anyone have pictures of the cerises bucket bag on and how much it holds? Let me know what you like better and what you think I should hunt for more.
  2. I love both but there seems to be more Speedys for resale that the Bucket.

    What other LV bags do you have?
  3. Do the Speedy.

    That's what I'm gonna do.
    Because I carry lots of stuff.
    If you dont carry lots of stuff try the Bucket.
  4. I like the Cerises Bucket more than the Cerises Speedy.
  5. Speedy..! ;)
  6. I like the bucket...I have an inclination towards totes, esp. this one...:smile:
  7. I have the Bucket.

    To be honest, I'm not in love with the shape of the Bucket. The base is a little large, and feels awkward when I carry it... KWIM? I'm more of a shoulder bag girl, though, so I went with the Bucket over the Speedy when I got a bag.

    Bucket holds a lot. I'm a big bag girl (Tulum GM is my main), and Bucket's size doesn't bother me at all. It easily holds my large wallet (Pochette wallet), mini agenda, the cherry pochette thingy that comes with the bag filled with cosmetics and other junk, a large hard sunglasses case, and could carry a bunch of little things.
  8. Currently my LV collection consists of
    Cerises Pochette & Compact Zip Wallet
    Damier Speedy 30
    Neo Speedy Denim in Green
    Epi Alma in Black
    New Pomme Brentwood
    + accessories, but those are the big pieces :smile:

    So, if that helps people think of which one would fit in with those.
  9. I have the bucket cerises and honestly I don't like it. I was choosing between speedy and bucket too. I bought bucket because the little pouch inside and my boyfriend said that it looks better than speedy.

    I rarely used it as the top op bag is open and not quite save for my stuffs inside. I realized I hate bucket shape. It looks cute becuase the cerises pattern but the original bucket is not my type at all. Moreover, lately I can smell of leather and I hate it.

    I still keeping it in my collection and never used it for nearly a year now. I wish I bought a speedy.
  10. I like the bucket! Very cute!!
  11. Ooh hard choice :sweatdrop: but I feel bored with speedy ( sorry to speedy owner ), too many women carry it. I think I'll go with Bucket
  12. Bucket, baby! I love this bag so :heart: Some day maybe!
  13. Speedy of course :love:
    Not a big fan of the Bucket in general...
  14. Speedy. ;)
  15. Speedy!!