Old vs. new red epi question

  1. I currently have a red epi alma on my wish list, but I'm not sure if the old or new red would be a better choice, since there are old red bags on ebay from time to time. I know that the old red had black edges, but did the red colour differ as well? (Darker/lighter than new red?) And was there also red shoulder straps with the black edges?

    And the hw, I guess, was gold only with the old red?

    I would appreciate any opinions on these colours!

  2. I used to have a speedy 25 in Castillian Red (the 'old' red). The old red is a deeper richer red than the new red which is a little brighter. Some say the old red is a 'blue red' compared to the new red.
    As far as I know, the old red epis were only made with gold hardware.
    I'm not certain about the black edges on the shoulder straps, maybe someone else can chime in?
    The new epi in general is softer...not as stiff as the old red, so creasing/wrinkles is more likely to occur...just something else to consider.
    Personally, I'd go for the old red, especially in a 'structured' bag like the Alma ;) JMO
  3. yeah, i think the old red has balck edges... the new ones are lighter also in terms of weight
  4. I have an old and a new red piece (new alma, old jasmin). I don't notice a dramatic difference when I put the colors side by side. The new is a tiny bit brighter, but not much.
    The primary difference is that the old red has dark edges on the handles, and the new red has bright red edges.
  5. I have a new red riviera, but use an old shoulder strap, as the is all the was in when I bought it. The strap does have the black edging, but color is barely different, just slightly darker....maybe because it is small. I will to try and take a picture after I get the kids off to school.
  6. Thanks for the input, I didn't know that there was a difference in the stiffness of the leather as well.

    And a pic would be just great! :yes:
  7. Here is a pic of my new red Alma with accessories. All are new red except the wallet on the left. There isn't much difference in the color. I dont mind the accessories in old red, but I dont like the bags when they have the black outlined on the handles. But colorwise, its very similar.
  8. Red alma epi is on my list too! GREAT to see this thread... love the alma WITH all the accessories... YES!
  9. Ok, tried to capture difference, so slight it's hard.

    The strap is the old color, with the black edge. Purse is the new color.

    P.S. Luggage tag is part of the bag (it's suppose to be used as travel make up bag), so it is the new color.

    epi1.JPG epi3.JPG
  10. I used to have a Soufflot with the new red, the new Epi is thin and the red was not as deep as the old red.
    I sold my new red Soufflot and purchased an older red soufflot, here is the difference, both are nice, but I always wanted the old red.

    This is the old red:heart:

    and this is the new red..
  11. That must be a really strong flash, or they have changed reds again, My riviera (new red)is not that bright at all. You can see the strap coiled there, too (old red).

    This pic is with the flash on....pics I poted above are with flash off.

  12. wow they look so different...but I think they are all very gorgeous
  13. The old red was a little richer and there was a little more of a contrast between the surface and the "grooves" of the leather. New Epi looks a little flatter and more monochromatic, less textured.
  14. Thanks for the pics & the opinions, girls! :flowers:
    Your bags are beautiful!

    These reds are both very nice! I like the black edges on the red, but I would love the palladium hw, so I'll have to think about that...
  15. Beautiful reds! I prefer the old red though.