Old vs New Neverfull

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  1. Anyone own both? Which do you like better? I know the straps are a touch wider on the newer model and they've taken away the glaze inside the pocket. Is buying a new one worth the extra money? I don't care about that pouch included. I think the shape is useless. Thanks.
  2. it's worth if you like the colored inside
    or if you have use for the included pochette
  3. For you, no. If you found the pouch useful, then yes. I have both and prefer the old style because of the glazed pocket. I like to put lipgloss and things that may ruin the lining in the pocket. I also preferred the old price. ;)
  4. It is ridiculous how much more a canvas pouch adds the price tag. I was having a conversation with my SA and she agreed. As much as I love the Neverfull, the price tag has gotten SUPER ridiculous.

    I could definitely do without the pouch and the interior color if it's going to save me a couple hundred bucks!

    If it's still possible buy the older version for a less escalated price. The preloved market prices are pretty high. You might as well buy new if you can.
  5. I just bought the new Neverfull and I have to say I love it. I have the mono nf mm with a beige interior. The fuchsia interior just didn't do it for me. I like the pochette that was included but haven't found much use for it other than as an add-on to my tiny wallet. I pretty much just keep extra cards in it. What I love about the nf is the same as everyone else, the size and ease of carrying it. It's definitely a good mommy bag. And since I'm a new mommy it works for me.
  6. I like the old one.
  7. I love the old version. The inside of the new version is boring to me that's just mine opinion.
  8. I brought the old version this week in DE before they disappear. I had no need for the additional pouch as I already have pouches I use in my other bags so couldn't justify the extra money.I also prefer the Louis Vuitton writing on the pouch in the old one compare to the new writing.
  9. I like the old version too.
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  10. +1!!!👍
  11. I just bought the old version in DA 2 weeks ago....I also had no use for the flat pochette
  12. I like the old version better .. I have no real use for the extra pochette it is a nice add on but I would prefer if we could have a choice especially price wise .. kinda a turn off
  13. I like the lining in the old NF. The new lining is just so plain without the pretty little flowers..
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  14. I prefer the lining of the old one, its much prettier.
  15. Agree