OLD vs NEW: let's compare and contrast

  1. I wanted to make a post and compare the new bleeker to the old duffle sac. For me, the duffle sac was THE bag to have when I was growing up...everyone had them...they were the first faked style I had ever seen; I remember they were for sale on every corner in DC back in the 90s.

    The main reason i wanted the bleeker was because it took me back to those days...I feel old when i say it, but those were the good old days, LOL. I know some people think COACH can't think of anything new but i think it's the perfect idea...everything comes back around...what's old will become new again, so COACH doing this has been the greatest thing ever.

    So here are some pictures with my OLD
    (and definitely LOVED & USED) duffle sac in British Tan, and my lovely NEW Bleeker duffle in Ink.

    here's the bleeker on:

    bleeker & duffle sac side-by-side (empty):

    bleeker & duffle sac hanging:

    bleeker on:

    duffle sac on:


    both on together:
  2. Wow! I love those two together, and it's just a versatile, classic style...

    I think all the best designs end up coming back again; you're right about that. Enjoy!
  3. That's so cool! And look how gorgeous your older bag is! The only thing I like better about the new one is the dogleash clip on the strap. They are both beautiful bags, the leather is awesome!
  4. Very classic style!
  5. Wow, i love this style bag. thanks for sharing
  6. Oooh. I actually like both. :drool:

  7. I remember those days.....everyone had one of the duffles or the one with the flap (don't know the older style names right off)....

    And I love how they're reinventing the older styles. This just goes to show that Coach truly is classic and modern at the same time.
  8. wow.. nearly identical!!!
  9. I remember staring at those catalogs forever!!!!! The two most visual differences is the lining and modern hardware and seams. Since you have both, how does the feel and "weight" of the leather compare?
  10. Yay! I love this, I had a woman who was so excited about the bleeker because of her true love of the duffle sac.

    This also goes to say for the new ali flap and the stewardess bag!
  11. I love the color of the bleeker, two gorgeous versatile bags!
  12. The feel is different because the bleeker is brand new. However, I know when i break it in and it softens over time it will feel just as good as my old duffle. My Carly feels that way now, actually!

    But weight-wise, it is perfect. It's not heavy at all, and the hardware on the bag is barely noticeable. It is a very light-weight bag to me...Even though my Carly is broken in, it definitely has a heavier feel than this new Bleeker does.

    Exactly, Sprinkles!! That's why I wanted this bag!!
  13. That's the large, right? It comes in a smaller size too? I like it but don't know that I'd need one in that size so I hope there's a smaller one. Darn, I hope I qualify for PCE! LOL!
  14. fashion is always a cycle. last year, i hit myself on the head for throwing out my old leggings from the 80s.
  15. that is so funny! are you referring to the one with the elastic that went under your foot... what were those called?