OLD vs NEW catalogue

  1. hi, could somebody tell me, if its possible to still get something which was listed in the old catalogue (the blue one) but its not in the new one (gold) anymore? I just want to know, whether they are selling the stuff untill they run out so maybe there is still a chance, or if it was discountinued and not possible to get now? Im especially wondering about Portefeuille 3 vues in Epi or Vernis leather...Thanks a lot for any answear and sorry about my spelling :shame:
  2. Even if something is discontinued, LV will continue to sell that item until it's sold out. I don't know which one the Portefeuille 3 vues is, but the point is that you may still be able to get one. Good luck!
  3. Your local LV can tell you if the item is still available. At least here, I know, my SA can tell me how much of anything is anywhere in the world on their computer. BUt that doesn't necessarily mean they can get it for you. Like...they can say they have 10 Sophies in Japan, but I know it could never be mine. :crybaby: