Old vs New ashers? I know there has been some changes over the years ro


Oct 15, 2006
I have heard the old ones have a zipper that stops in the middle and also the inside is a silky fabric and not cotton. Am I correct in saying that the hadles are also shorter?

I have never seen a treesje in person as I live in australia but I found someone selling a new asher but its a older model and I am debating if I should snatch it or wait to get a newer version?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I know some brands such as balenicaga made better quality bags early on so wondering if this is the case with treesje or if the quality has got better over the years?



Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
I have both versions, and I like the older one best with the shorter, wider handles. The linings are the same I believe and there's no difference in the quality that I can tell. The fuchsia is the newer version.




Jan 18, 2009
Re: linings, this is actually a change in all Treesje bags (starting from mid-Fall '09), not just the Ashers. Any Treesje released in the past several seasons prior to July '09 would've had the silky bengaline lining (silvery-grey for the most recent ones, and I think the one before that may have been cream?). All bags released July '09 onwards have the black cotton twill lining, though.

For the Asher-specific changes, yup, the older ones have shorter, thicker braided handles and zipper tracks that stop in the middle. I also don't think there are any major quality differences, AFAIK. The older version has a strap drop of about 7" (compared to almost 8" for the newer version), so maybe you could compare that to some of your current bags to see if it might work on your shoulder? Personally-speaking, I tend to need a drop of min. 8" to feel comfortable with a bag on my shoulder. The 7" drop feels a bit armpit-bag-ish to me, although I don't have a problem fitting it on my shoulder per se.