Tory Burch Old version versus New version Perry Tote design and quality


Jul 25, 2021
Hello there, I have placed order on two Perry totes. I haven’t got them in person yet. But would like to get your opinions.
One is the older version (maybe last year’s version), that has the middle compartment but no pockets, no metal feet. The other one is the current version with a middle compartment, two pockets (I guess, from pictures), and metal feet. They are different colours, so at first I think I will return one based on the colour. However, I am now wondering, do the two versions have different qualities as well? Also, how much better the pockets and metal feet are in the current version over the old one (like functionality wise)? I think I may need to take those into consideration when I decide which one to keep as well. Cheers.
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