Old styles you were always drooling for but never got!

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  1. Hey ladies!!

    I find it very interesting which styles you were always hunting for but never had the chance to get!

    I was always drooling for the DON JON's!! But they rarely show up on ebay and never was the winner of an auction :sad:

    Whats "yours" :biggrin:

    PS: couldnt find a similar thread

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  2. The mens biarritz boat shoes! I find them on ebay but they're always so worn or not my size that I pass.

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  3. The Lili boots and the Lady Max sandals-I still haven't given up on finding the both of them, they are my UHG duo!
  4. The Metal Nodo flats! My UHG, but I think I have only ever seen them once on eBay :hrmm:

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  5. My UHG: Anemone Plume. Hopefully one day a pair will pop up!

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  6. Madame Butterfly Bootie. Of course!
  7. For me it is the Pik Pik sneakers. 😩
  8. Lady Clou is at the top of my list!

    Metal Nodo and Un Bout (not really that old) would also make my list!
  9. Un bout and love me.
  10. Same for me. Ebay never have my size.
  11. Ohh! Lovely thread idea!!

    For me it's totally PIGALLE PIGALLE PIGALLE 120, pre-2013-2014. In all different colourways.
    Black, nude, Fluo Flame, Rose Matador etc.
  12. Old Pigalle 120, lucifer bow, metal nodo :crybaby::crybaby::sad::cry::cry:
  13. Un Bouts in any and every past color
  14. there are the lucifer bow on vestiaire collective in a 39 for 700euros if that's you're size and what you're looking for;)
  15. they are on vestiaire collective too, in a 40,5 for 650 euros I really hope that it's your size:smile: