Old stock (VF, CAMEL!) at barneys ny madison ave 1/26 !

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  1. i just stopped by Barneys on madison ave today (just an hour ago), and spotted the following old stock:



    HURRY AND GET THEM !! :yahoo:
  2. OMG! do you know if these were on sale or full price?
  3. How was the leather on the Vert Fonce bags?
  4. leather looks REALLY GOOD... very typical of the good 07 leather ! i hope they still have them for you ! they are full price though !
  5. wow vert fonce with SGH!:drool: Somebody snatch them!
  6. Thanks for the info. Now I decided I can't buy at Barneys. If somebody from Europe could be interested in Barneys product you should know this before:
    I asked Barneys how much was shipping to Spain and they told me:

    When we ship out of the US there are two options:

    Option 1:
    If customer chooses to pay for shipping & customs fees in advance: BNY will assume responsibility for shipping & custom fees and for getting merchandise thru customs. The fee is based on the retail value
    For option #1 you will pay 40% of the retail value for the shipping, freight, tariffs and custom duties.

    Option 2:

    If customer chooses to pay for shipping fees only: Customer will be held responsible for tariffs & duty and for getting merchandise thru customs. Shipping fees are based on retail value.
    For option #2 you will pay $120 for shipping fee, and you are responsible for the tariffs and custom duties.

    So if I wanted the SGH Part Time of Barneys I had to choose betwen paying USD2443 for a Part Time or paying USD120 for shipping and paying 20% minimum of taxes in Spain because they declare full value.

    So I deleted their contact because I can't work this way. I think I understood ok, it looks :faint:
  7. I understand the custom charge bit. It really sucks! Especially when the retail of GH bags are so much higher.

    But $120 for shipping is a bit high too...

    Hope you'll see another one that works out better for you next time.:wlae:
  8. The other thing is if you have a close person on here, they could buy it and ship it to you..?? Just a thought.