Old Smokey is back

  1. OMG!!! so pretty :drool:
    jakuten, g luck on the bidding :p
  2. I wonder HOW smokey it is?
  3. referesh my memory - old smokey??
  4. It sold last week and now it's back. The winning bidder must not have come through. Smokey = comes from a smoking environment, as stated in the auction.
  5. Sorry i love this smokey one but is this a real Balenciaga and do u know from witch year???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    But last time i bought something overseas the dutch tax billed me.

  6. Yep it's real and based on the tag, it's the very first collection from 2001. I just got a very similar bag but with one strap instead of 2, and mine is from 2002 - but the tag is different. The leather is absolutely amazing!!!
    FX - I would say definitely go for it if the smokey smell doesn't bother you. Maybe there is a way of getting the seller to make it as gift? it's worked for me in the past ;)
    I definitely wouldn't give up on this bag just because of the possible taxes!
  7. ^^^Slinks~ is your bag the same measurements as this? The body of the bag?
  8. Yep, Zac, same measurements as mine - 12.5 by 13.5 inches! and what a great size it is :graucho:
  9. sorry double post
  10. I don`t mind a little bit of a smokey smell.
    I thought the last time this one was on e-bay a PFer bought it?
    AR also send it as a gift (i love that cognac suede saddlebag) but i can`t carry it with al these rain.:cursing:
    The tax was a third of the price.
    I just have to think about it and i have to go and shop for the soldes in Belgium next week and who knows what i will find. There is a Balenciaga-lady
    cleaning out het closset. Ithink she is saving for the new collection.:graucho:

    Thanks Slinks FX:heart:
  11. oops... i didn't notice this :p
  12. It might not be too bad - I remember a PFer said that LMB helped get rid of a smell... but I bet it would bother me!