Old School Speedy 35

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  1. Does anyone remember this bag?

    I have one that I got years back and I love it.

    Before I had a child and a husband I would pack my LV carryall and grab my speedy and take a weekend trip and feel so upscale and chic.

    Anywho, I was carrying my 35 and walked past a woman sitting in a restaurant and she stopped me and was like you have great taste and lifted up her Speedy and said but yours is bigger than mine and I said, it's a 35 and she looked totally perplexed. I said I have a 35 is that a 30 and she said no, it's a Louis Vuitton!!! :wtf: I just laughed and said great choice and walked away!!

    Please tell me your memories of LV's classic Speedy...any size!

  2. lol cute story. I hope to read more in here.
  3. That a great story!
  4. Thats so funny!

    I have a story thats kinda sweet..not crazy like yours, but here goes.

    Last night on the way home from the library at midnight my bf dropped me off at the computer lab to run in and print some stuff for class in the AM. (Even though I was just running in for a sec, I of course brought my speedy 30 w/ me - I would never dare leave her in the car, even though she would have been protected by my bf who was in the car as well)
    Ok, anyway...when I was leaving the lab (with my mono speedy 30 in hand) a girl was waiting by the door and was like "I love you bag" we chatted for a bit and she told me she is trying to convince her mom to get her one for her 21st bday. I was excited..I love LV talk..it made my night.
  5. Great stories...keep em' comin' !!
  6. i LOVE speedys...
  7. A young woman complemented my damier speedy, but pointed out that she liked her mono speedy best because she liked that the "feet" protected her bag...:shocked:
  8. ^^:wtf:
  9. cute story! I LOVE the mono Speedy! The 30 was my first Vuitton!
  10. lol. i dont know what i would have done in that situation!

  11. :roflmfao:
  12. This is the best story LOL :nuts:
  13. Here's one for you guys.... TRUE STORY!!!

    For my Anniversary my DH left a pkg. at the front door for me to see on my way out with the kids. As usual I got everybody dressed and we headed downstairs to leave for the day. LOW and Behold there stood a beautiful brown bag that said LOUIS VUITTON!!!!:yahoo: Okay, you know I'm excited right! But! I was running late that morning, so I had to just grab the bag along with the kids and run out of the door. Now keep in mind that I'm about to wreck my car trying to open my LV box (which had been beautifully wrapped with ribbon and everything). So I decided it was best if I just waited till I got to work to open it. Ok, I'm at work and I'm trying to keep a straight face:search:. But on the inside I knew I was about to explode! Just so happend, a co- worker walked to my desk and asked "so what's in the bag?" I said a gift from my husband. She said "open it already", so i did. I was so excited, apparently so was she. I said ooohh it's the Dr. Bag I always wanted (keep in mind that I knew it was a Speedy 30, that's just it's nickname) she took it upon herself to school me, about my own bag :cursing: . So she blurted out and said "NO! THIS IS A SPEEDY 30 BAG! ". *Just to be funny* I said we call them Dr. Bags where I'm from. Then she did the unthinkable!?!?!?! She took not 1, not 2, but 3 really deep sniffs, I mean nose touching the lips sniffs of my bag :shocked: (yes she smelled my bag) and said ooh I like your husband he has really good taste. I almost fell out of my chair. Of course I quickly grabbed my bag and neatly put it back in it's box and smiled:rolleyes:. Thinking the whole while WTF??? Later that day I told my hubby what happened and he and I both laughed at her all nite long!