Old School Sale

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  1. Hi All,

    I am a newbie here in tPF and relatively new to HH. Wanted to introduce myself here - I have run into some of you in other forums but this is my first post here .I saw the other thread on the Twitter Sale. Just got this link emailed to me

    These prices seem lower than what was talked about in the Twitter Sale..

    Michios are $14.70 and Newmans are $110.40 among other low prices
  2. Thanks for starting this thread inlikeflynn! I was just about to.

    And welcome to TPF!
  3. I ordered 2 violet Michios and am really thinking about that yam Burke...
  4. welcome inlikeflynn! Thanks for the thread start :smile:

    as of now...

    woodsen black shorts XS
    passport holders - BZ and VCP
  5. I ordered a chocolate and a violet michio...but still looking and not sure if I will be able to resist a bag...
  6. Damage so far:

    Grape Newman
    Grape Biblio Charm
    Violet Michio

    At these prices, I'm eyeing a bunch of stuff as gifts.
  7. In typical HH fashion, the sale page changes with every refresh. Guess I'll be glued to my computer for the next several days...*sigh*
  8. I got aubergine Hawthorne wallet, gray Jackson wallet, and a violet michio. I had a L Yoko in my cart but I can't really do clingy but that was a killer price too!
  9. I got the gray jackson wallet, BZ passport holder, khaki michio and yellow flower glasses case!
  10. the ecrit scarf I that ordered this morning is even cheaper now.


    I had the XS Yoko in my cart, but someone pulled the trigger before me.

    WAH WAH!!!

    Be careful...the computer updated my XS to a L and I was lucky that I noticed and deleted it from my cart.
  11. tempted!!! thanks for the info, i think. ;)
  12. so are they adding new things as time goes by or is this it?
  13. Gah! How much were the grey jackson wallets?
  14. ugh...i have no monies.....dammit
  15. Jsenning,

    the jackson was $56...i didnt see it again when i checked about 5 mins later so i am hoping that i get one :sad: