old school docs have won me back!

  1. like i'm sure many people here, i went through a dr. martens phase in hs... i thought i grew out of it, but i just stumbled across these on Zappos, and i think i'm in :heart:.

    i just can't decided btwn. the black and the white... i know i'd prob. get much more wear out of the black, but there's something so kitschy and antiquey about the white... or, should i get both:graucho:

    help me:yahoo:


  2. Those are really cute...I can't decide which is cuter!
  3. both cute, but I vote for the first pair.
  4. Go for the black. I own the originals from the 90's and they are probably my favourite pair ever. I actually just posted my Doc collection in the shoe collection thread, you should go check it out!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I should also add that i'm starting to get back into them as well. I've been dating this guy for a couple months now and he's really into them, and it's made me want to wear mine again! My seafoam green patent were brand new for a birthday present, and the red was a christmas present mmaannnyy years ago, but all others were vintage/thrift for about $20 a pair. (yeah, i'm proud of that, hehe) :smile:
  7. Okay, so obviously this thread has gotten me way too excited, haha.. I dug up this olllllddd pic of me wearing my flowered docs standing in a flower bed :smile:

  8. ME TOO!! I still have all of mine! i can never get rid of them since i had a hard time finding the UK size 3.

    I vote for the black! :heart:
  9. I vote for the black too!

    I remember desperately wanting a pair of knee high docs in middle school. Of course no way was my mother going to buy them for me so I had to let go of that dream :crybaby:. Now that I'm "all grown up" I might just have to buy myself a pair to wear with leggings and short dresses. From the look of Chloe's fall collection punk is back in!
  10. sammydoll- thank you SO much for posting... they are gorgeous... you've sold me:yahoo:you have such a great collection!

    i'm absolutely in :heart: with the seafoam ones... i would kill for those! atm i have about 5 old pairs, but none as colorful and fun! my favorites are my black patent mary janes... so comfy and cute.

    sob story time... in middle school i saved up all my babysitting money and bought a pair of red plaid doc boots, and i remember being so excited to wear them to middle school... sleeping with them next to my bed. i got to school, and everyone made fun of me and i ended up going home, crying, and selling them back to some thrift store for 1/3 of the price. it still kills me:crybaby:i can't find them in stores/ online anywhere now.
  11. :rochard:
  12. recently? i can't find that color anywhere:sweatdrop:
  13. Haha. I remember having a pair of black steel-toed shoes & tall black lace-up boots in middle/high school.....ah reminise.

    Thanks for bringing those memories back! :tup:
  14. I owned about 14 pairs of Doc's in high school . I still rememeber getting my first pair for like $40 ! I was so freaking excited to get them:woohoo: ! Aww a nice trip down memory lane :flowers::girlsigh: