Old red vs. new red Epi

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before - I didn't find it on my search.

    What's the difference between the "old red" Epi and the "new red" Epi? When did they start making the new red?

  2. Old red has deeper red with black "wax" around the edge
    new epi doesn't have black edges..the color isn't as deep..

    I am not sure when they start making new red may be 2000..
  3. Hi ....As I remember ...the old red is a little colder than the new red :smile:
  4. My epi speedy is new red and Traci is old red..




  5. Thanks!
  6. the new one's gorgeous!!
  7. i like the blusih tone throught the old ones..
  8. Me too:smile: ....I did buy a red Passy pm though :heart:
    passy 5.JPG
  9. I love both but i prefer the newest red..is so bright and shine!!!
  10. Interesting........I had noticed the "lighter" Epi red but thought it was just that specific bag that I saw. I didn't know LV had actually changed the Epi reds.
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. I love the old one!
  13. I think I posted this before..I used to have a Soufflot in new red, but I always wanted one in old red, the shade is deeper and less bright, I truly love the old red.
  14. I have the new red speedy and I prefer it....it is still a cool toned red with a blue undertone (it is not at all orange-y). I just like it much better without the black edging. hth!
  15. I love both! I just bought a new red Epi Speedy 25! :yahoo: