Old Red vs. Coral e/w in Lambskin

  1. I was looking for the coral e/w lambskin last week, but couldn't find the photo of it on the board. So now I got mine, I think I should share it with you all. I love the color of the hardware, but don't know how to call it. It looks like a light gold or rose gold.

  2. OH I love the coral. I am still kicking myself for missing the Jumbo Caviar in coral....sniff sniff.

  3. what a gorgeous color!!! *drools*
  4. Both of your bags are beautiful!! Thanks for posting a picture!
  5. I love them both !!! Wonder where you got them both ?
  6. yes, thanks again for posting! you have quite a collection of great colors!
  7. The coral and the red are fantastic! Great bags :smile:
  8. WOW! Very nice!!
  9. love the coral!!!
  10. i love both the colors
  11. Gorgeous bags.:heart:
  12. Thanks everyone for your compliments :smile:

    Pinkpiano, I got the coral from NM - Houston Galleria last week. There was one in purple lambskin as well.
  13. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :drool:

    bretiny - dont you have the purple e/w too?! great collection!
  14. I love your bags, especially the coral! I have the medium coral in caviar with gold hardware, and it's one of my absolute favorites because of the color :smile: The lambskin E/W you have looks gorgeous :smile:

  15. omg, the coral!! would they still have that in caviar in stores now?