old / rare bbags???

  1. sink this thread amour! you should know better! *wags finger* :lol: :lol: :lol:

    i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant
  2. ^^ ACK, i want both of them!!! :wtf::drool::nuts:
  3. thanks for posting amour.

    good luck mimi!! this bag (the first one) has you written all over it. hopefully you won't have any competition because i just noticed that the other seller is from asia and the auction states that the seller will ship only to the US. guess ebay will cancel her bids!

    i think i may bid on that suede one.
  4. That first black one is really cool!!
  5. both bags are lovely!!!! wohooooooo..goodluck ladies....:wlae:

    i like the leather tote bag a lot...but can't at moment..im eyeing another bag..:graucho:

  6. hahahaha mocean....w/c one do you like? :graucho:
  7. The first bag is so unique. I love!!!
  8. Okay, ladies...I placed my bid without checking who were the other bidders..'looks like our balenciaga sistahs want these bags as much as I do.

    To minimize competition, I'll pass on these ones.
  9. gorgeous bagssss!