Old question,still curious?

  1. :yahoo::confused1:What color was the MJ Multipocket in "The Devil Wears Prada":nogood: I just saw it again on HBO and it reawoke the lust for that bag:love:
  2. I'm pretty sure it's the color Denim. It's a gorgeous color for sure!
  3. Yup! Denim. Love the color. it goes with everything.
  4. And I think the one in the movie had the gold hardware, right?
  5. Yes, Denim with gold hw
  6. OOH, I love that movie and I love that bag!!
  7. It is the same one I have and it is Denim! :smile: Mine has silver hardware, I forget what color the one in the movie had.

    I got mine at Nordstrom Rack not too long ago...there may still be some out there.
  8. I couldn't find denim but found "blueberry" with gold hardware at a great price!:crybaby::wtf:Oh well!!!
  9. blueberry and denim are pretty close. I remember a member had bught both blueberry and denim and photographed them next to each other, both beautiful bags and colors!
  10. where did you find the blueberry on sale??
  11. Neimen Marcus Last Call at Dolphin Mall in Miami:nuts::nuts:
  12. hmmmm i wonder if they ship to canada

    do you remember what price?

    that is so damn tempting!!
  13. I called and had mine shipped! It was something like 595.00 they may have marked them down further by now, got mine around July 23!:yahoo:
  14. eeeeep! hahaha DEFINATELY goin to look into that. thanks so much!