Old question: Can a notebook fit in a Noe?

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  1. YES. :yes:

    That is all I'm going to say. ;)
  2. Never had one, but i think so.
  3. What have you been up to, missy?!:graucho:
  4. ....Oh, nothing....;)
  5. :graucho:
  6. LOL, you guys are making me laugh! I'll give full details another day...;) :graucho:
  7. :sneaky:
  8. TEASE!:P
    Naa Naa--- I have things up my sleeve too, but I'm too busy to post pics, so I'm waiting to lay it on you all in one feel swoop later this week.....:graucho:
  9. Busy, eh? What've you been up to? :graucho:

    I'm actually at work right now (I shouldn't be here!), but I'll have to do some resizing...:smile:
  10. Later this week I'll post several goodies, but want to do it all at once.
    HINT: I did slip in one of the other threads though about one of my goodies...:P
  11. Congrats already! Let's see it!
  12. What kind of size notebook are we talking about? :confused1:

    mickloisme.... what did you buy? please?:love: