Old Prices


Jan 10, 2007
I just realized that if you go online to Saks or Neiman's, the prices increase has not yet been put into effect on all of their bags. You can find Tributes for their old prices...And on YSL.com in their e-shop they have the Rive Gauche bags for 1,795 that is 100 to 200 hundred less than department stores.
Apr 11, 2008
I havent seen the higher prices anywhere! I'm thinking if the increase is bc of the dollar/euro inequity, and these stores already bought at old prices (wholesale, of course,) then they will not raise the price until the next order when they cost more to buy? YSL is constantly "buying" and ordering so maybe that is why. But most places here in NY area are still holding the older prices...have not been into YSL though. I don't go in there...too crowded, they keep all the new stuff up front and hard to walk through all the screaming ladies yapping about the new muse, or a patent this or that!! LOL. God bless em. I hope they get something nice, but I can't deal with the crowd! (PS the bag area at saks is just as bad, but go up to YSL and it is quiet as a mouse and they have the bags there too!!)