old pomp, new pomp, turks pomp, blue

  1. Nikki - that is one beautiful pomp collection!

    And Sally - I LOVE a bag that can be wiped off! It's either spillage or weather that gets me!
  2. Story of my life that everything I take a fancy to is HTF lol.

    I am in UK so guessing it would be virtually impossible
  3. try the new vintage patents - they are pretty nice!
  4. Are they shiny also? Thx
  5. Here's a version 2.0 Pomp - VCP and a version 3.0 in bitter lime. The Violet crinkle Patent (VCP) is shinier, but the bitter lime is NOT a matte leather. It doesn't have the 'sparkle factor' that the very first version did.

    I DO miss the bill slot in the newest pomp. It will make it more challenging to use it as a wallet when I'm traveling. But I DO LOVE the new colors!

    I included a photo of the pilot in nude as well.
    pomp2 sm.jpg pomp 3sm.jpg new lesather.jpg
  6. ^ Nice photos dmc but I LOVE the website in your signature. Hysterical!!
  7. Oh I'm so glad you read it! It just cracks me up!

  8. Great pictures dmc!! The new pomp is looking so great!! And thank you for the pilot picture! I'm between the nude and candy apple.
  9. OMG...love that green!
  10. thanks for that...i prefer smooth less shiny with bill slots...anyone know if the ones with bill slots would fit larger notes (from UK)?
  11. I'm really wanting it in candy apple too! That's such a beautiful color.
  12. Not sure. There is a good amount of room in them for bills. The ones in stock now are less shiny, but less compartments.