Old Pink PM Inclusion Bracelet Anyone??

  1. hmm still not opening to the page....well its on karenkooper.com for $500

  2. Great bracelet but I'm not willing to spend $500 on it as you could purchase two of the newer inclusion PM bracelets for the price.
  3. yeah....just thought id let everyone know. someone might want it that badly.
  4. I love this pink, isn't it the first inclusion color that came out 2 years ago? I would get it but I don't have any $ at the moment.
  5. Yes, the rose and yellow colors were the first colors introduced for the inclusion bracelet. I regret not getting the rose inclusion PM when I had the opportunity to do so at the retail price. However, both the rose and yellow inclusion bracelets do not have the gold LV monograms as the next set of inclusion bracelets did; beige and black. Currently, all inclusion bracelets now have the LV monograms, of which I'm glad.
  6. That costs way too much.
  7. Sheesh that's a lot of money. I thought the ones that went for $400 on eBay was a lot. :wtf:
    Thanks for the info though.