Old Petra Sloane

  1. Finally my first BV bag is here.. It's really love at first sight... I really love the color.. BUt I'm a bit disappointed that the bag didn't come with the mirror.. as I know veneta bag come with mirror.
    Does anyone who has sloane bag get the mirror? The other thing is the lining inside the zip pocket made out of nylon type of thing (not suede)?
    BTW... do we get box when buy from BV store? I love to store my bag inside the box when I didn't use it.. I hate the way bluefly pack the bag.. they should at least give us box!
  2. Yea!! Congrats! I'm so glad you ended up with it, it's totally fate!

    And I also didn't get a mirror when I got the OP Sloan either...I think some bags just don't come with mirrors? I got a noce cocker that did not come with a mirror and I asked the SA to look through all the bags of the same model and none of them had mirrors either. I used to think that the mirror is an automatic thing but apparently that is not the case....
  3. Wow...the Sloane's a beauty in OP! Congrats, cutie!
  4. Beautiful bag!

    I am under the impression that you get a box when you buy from the BV boutique. I got boxes with each bag I purchased from the boutique. I did not get a box when I purchased from Saks or Bluefly.
  5. Gorgeous beauty!!!

    I didn't get a box when I got my Veneta from the BV shop :shrugs: But it works for me cos I really only need the dustbags.
  6. Ohh.. I love the bag! Congrats on your purchase, Cutiekiara! I love the shape of Sloane, but it's too bulky for me.

    I actually purchased a wallet from Bluefly a few weeks ago, and it came in a BV box.. no dust bag though.
  7. old petra is gorgeous!!

    i didn't get a box when I bought a bag from the BV store, but I didn't ask for one either...
  8. congrats! :smile:
  9. Congrats on your new Sloane. It's a beauty! My Sloane which was directly purchased through BV did not come with a mirror but it came with a lovely BV box. To my understanding, only the styles that are considered "classics" come with a mirror such as Veneta, Ball and Campana.
  10. wow, congratulations on this stunning bag, the ol petra works so good with the shap of the sloane!
  11. cutie - love your bag - enjoy wearing it !
  12. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, ladies... I trully amaze with the color & the shape work perfectly with me. I trully recommend this color.. If they made the veneta in this color, I'll def buy it.
  13. Congrats on your first BV! It's a beauty!
  14. I have questions to all of you who own bag in old petra. Did you put leather protection on your bag? Is it going to change the color of the bag? I think this questions has been addressed before, but I want to get the leather protection that work perfectly for OP color. Thanks so much for your suggestions, ladies..:flowers:
  15. Congrats on your 1st BV, she's a beauty. =)