Old Petra Sloan on its way back to Bluefly!

  1. Hello Ladies:

    For those of you who helped me with my OP dilemma - thank you! I've decided to return the Sloan and actually pre-ordered the Sloan in Scala instead. Since it won't ship until Oct, I can save $$$ for a few months until I get charged for it. :smile:

    I've carefully packed up the OP Sloan and DHL will pick it up tomorrow to bring it back to Bluefly. For those of you all who are interested, it should be back on Bluefly in the next few days. I hope another TPFer gets it!!! :yahoo:
  2. Make sure you keep that DHL tracking number. Bluefly just basically didn't refund me when I returned a BV wallet and a paddy. It took a month after I called them about it numerous times.

    I think the scala looks really beautiful-can't wait to see pics!

  3. ohh...good to know, i hope they don't loose it!
  4. Oooh!

    Sloane in Scarla to look forward too! Can't wait! :yahoo:
  5. They didn't lose it in my case, they acknowledged full well that they had the return for weeks, didn't really give me any explanation as to what the hold-up was.
  6. writetoshirley - so glad you finally decided. I would love the OP sloane but I really cant buy anything for a while. I saw the OP Roma on NAP yesterday again and it was gone within minutes of it being available. Guess everyone is stalking the sales sites these days ! :p
  7. Good sale items are hard to come by in BV, I admit to be a total online sale stalker, it totally gets me in trouble!
  8. I would love an Old Petra Sloane too, but I'm in the same spot as gingerale. The Roma in that color is also a bag I covet. Don't know what I'd do with all the BV's, but it'd be a great-smelling closet!

    I think Scala is the color I saw last March that they were calling "favorite" and it was a salmon/pink/red combo. Very hard to describe, but pretty. I only saw a small leather sample, so it's fun to see it in a real bag.

    Thanks, writetoshirley, for the heads-up on your Bfly return.
  9. ^^^me too! Actually, I have been way too good at in-store sales this season and have ended up with 3 pairs of louboutins (whoops).
  10. oh...:drool: but Louboutins are forever....
  11. Glad to help, I hope one of us gets it!
  12. thanks for the head's up! btw, how much is the sloane going for on bluefly (before any additional discount)?
  13. I believe it was ~$1800.
  14. so with the promo it comes to less than $1400 -- great deal! i hope someone snaps it up (fortunately/unfortunately, i already have one). i too preordered the scala sloane but am afraid about the scala/carmino confusion. i guess we'll have to wait and see...
  15. yea! i'm very interested to see what happens with the Scala/Carmino thing. Can't wait. Either colors would be fantastic!