Old Petra Nappa Umbria Sloane *NEW*

  1. So after visiting South Coast Plaza and realizing that the BV staff there has not yet seen a Nappa bag in Old Petra yet (due to the long wait list), I'd like to flaunt the newly purchased Old Petra Nappa I got in Asia last week. (pardon my photography skillz, after all, i specialize in bags :graucho: )

    BV Staff wanted to also add that it is not as "square-ish" as it seems. Look at mine! After long plane rides and sightseeing, its so very worn in already.

    What can i say, its simply one of the best bags of the season!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    p.s BV in South Coast will be conducting a private selling event on 4/30 & 5/1. Make sure you stop by for this exclusive event!
    Old Petra Nappa.jpg Old Petra Nappa2.jpg
  2. Wow, that's one gorgeous bag and the color is awesome. It looks like a poudre color. What's the difference between a poudre and old petra? Congrats on the bag and enjoy.
  3. Fabulour colour! Congrats haomimi! I didn't know it came in Old Petra. I love it. The Sloane is really growing on me. It looks fantastic in so many colours (Limo, Poudre, Old Petra, Ebano). Who am I kidding, I just love love love the BV colours (and the bags, and the shoes, and the clothes, and the accessories....) :love: :love: :love:

    belen, both are variations of pink and lilac:
    Poudre - dusty pink with a hint of lilac.
    Old Petra - lilac/light purple with chocolate undertones (the fist pic is more accurate as I believe the 2nd pic was taken with flash so it appears lighter in colour).

    Poudre is paler in colour than Old Petra. HTH.
  4. Beautiful bag! I'm so jealous!:p
  5. Oh wow WOW! I love this bag and Old Petra is gooooooooorgeous! You lucky gal ~ enjoy!!!
  6. such a beautiful bag. i love the color. enjoy it.
  7. haomimi, congratulations on getting that gorgeous Sloane!! I love how even the rings are in woven leather! It can't get any better than that! The old petra color is a great color, too. Excellent choice and I'll bet you will receive many compliments.:yes:
  8. I LOVE the SLOANE!:nuts:

    Just beautiful!
  9. That color is wondrous!
  10. old petra is gorgeous! and i'm really falling in love with the sloane!!
  11. ohh what a gorgeous color!!
  12. Just love that bag, and it is really special in that color, enjoy it!! :smile:
  13. Congratulations:yahoo:
  14. Beautiful and drooling! What kind of special event is BV putting on? Can you elaborate on that? thanks!
  15. Absoluely stunning! What a special bag!