old paypal account problems

Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
i had paypal about 5 years ago and there was a HUGE problem with it so i just abandoned it, for lack of a better word.

the deal was that i sold a laptop for 2 grand to a buyer in Indonesia. everything was fine until paypal froze my account and said that the buyer used a stolen credit card and i owed 2000. i used the money from the auction to pay for my tuition so i had no money at all to pay for it.

what action did/could paypal take against me? i havent noticed any differences in my credit. actually, i just checked my credit report and theres nothing about ebay/paypal there. i tried opening up a paypal account again and paypal says that im already in their records and want a credit card number to file. should i? im afraid if i do, they'll charge the 2grand to it and i definitely dont have that large amount, least not to give to them that easily.

so what should i do?

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Sep 22, 2007
If I were you I would keep away from them now. You had a lucky escape before. Can you use another method for payment?


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Jan 10, 2007
^ I agree. I think you've had a lucky escape. I don't think eBay and paypal are credit providers or financial institutions as such, so technically, they shouldn't be able to affect your credit rating. This may change in the future, given they seem to be on a mission for world domination LOL!

Stay away from them - try Google checkout or another safe payment system if you need to transfer funds for purchases. I don't know if you can open a new paypal account under the same name, but with a different credit card number (I know they keep these on file and immediately cross reference if you put in your credit card number). Either way, it's porbably best just to let them be!


Feb 9, 2007
God dont sign up with another account! Paypal use every nasty trick in the book and I wouldnt be surprised if they took it right off you!


Dec 21, 2007
Behind a Cactus
I had the same problem a few years ago I sold something and I shipped it to the buyer. A few weeks later the buyer opens a dispute saying she never got it? Paypal froze my account. :wtf: I know she should have got it by now but I couldn't find my proof I think I threw it away or lost it. Well I ended up having to do detective work calling my post office and then calling her post office. Her post office said that it was delivered and that she should have got it. I e-mailed her with this info and she doesn't even responds bc I'm telling the truth! That scammer trying to get the merchandise & her $$ back at the same time!

I let paypal know of my proof but they don't give a f***!! They told me the buyer has to close the dispute and it was out of my hands. So I was like screw paypal and I just walked away and this was like wow prob. five years ago? A few months ago I checked my old paypal account and its still frozen. I contacted them to see if they can close it but they refused until the buyer notifies them. WTF!! This was like years ago how am I going to track down this buyer and will she even remember??!

UGH I HATE PAYPAL THEY ARE F@&*!# IDIOTS!!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:

I'm forever done!!!! They are just ridiculous! GOOGLE CHECKOUT ALL THE WAY :yes:
Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
yea im definitely not going to open up my old account. i opened one with my brother's name and use it to sell on ebay. after a couple of these listings end, im leaving ebay and paypal for good. the buyers on ebay seem to be such scammers, even now, and i cant afford to lose
Nov 20, 2007
Can you open a new account with a new email address? I think Paypal keeps record of your email address, not your personal details.