Old Paddy vs. new 06 paddy ?

  1. Hi
    I have a baby paddy and now I wont to buy a "normal" size Paddy. I was thinking of the heavy lock :unsure: ...Does anyone know if the lock is less heavy on the new 06 models ??
  2. I have a choco paddy from this year (dark interior) and I just got the whisky shopping tote and whisky paddy (which is going to be for sale for less than retail) and my whisky locks seem to be lighter for some reason and they seem slightly a different tone of gold. but definitely lighter
  3. Thanks loren :smile: do you say that the choko paddy has dark interior?? ohh no ...thats sad :sad:
  4. YOUR Whiskey Paddy is going to be for sale?
  5. My Choco Paddy (2006) has the dark interior and I LOVE it!:amuse: I like both the light and the dark lining, but the darker lining would not show dirt as much...
  6. Ditto to Annabelle. I actually sold my 2005 Chocolate Paddy to buy the 2006 Chocolate with the brown lining !
  7. I feel I can't find my things in that big dark hole :weird: ... It's brown and not black? mybee that helps :biggrin:
  8. Do you have pic. ?
  9. Yes, it's a Chocolate Brown color!;)
  10. It is very dark brown, but not black. I don't have a picture and it is midnight here, so it's oo dark to take one. What time is it in Denmark?
  11. So the interior is brown in the brown bag ?
  12. Thanks :smile:
  13. Yes, it is chocolate brown and looks fabulous!
  14. The time is 9 am
  15. good morning