Old & New Petrol Spys

  1. Here are what I hope are better pics of my new petrol spy. I took pretty horrendous pics in bad light when it first arrived, so these are a little better.

    Also, there have been some questions here regarding spys fading. My old petrol is a little faded, so you can see for yourself in the side-by-sides. It's still pretty subtle, but there is definitely fading in the old petrol.
    cimg0189 (2).jpg cimg0193 (2).jpg cimg0201 (2).jpg cimg0196 (2).jpg cimg0206 (4).jpg
  2. Also, here's a gratuitous throw-in of my metallic spy. If you lovely PFers are anything like me, Spy sightings are always a scrumptious and welcome treat. So here goes....
    cimg0194 (2).jpg cimg0199 (2).jpg
  3. :heart: :heart: OMG!!!! You have such amazing, gorgeous spies!!! Two of my all time favourite colours!! Petrol Spy is my holy grail of Spies and you have 2!! Thank you for posting those pics....you have the cutest kitty-cat too, with very good taste in Handbags!!:heart: :heart:
  4. Wow! :love:
  5. Bags are lovely Decophile. I see what you mean about how bubbly spys can be from spy to spy.
  6. ^Yes, Saich, they also vary in bubbliness depending on where you look on the same bag. My old petrol is smooth in the front and bubbly in the back. There's much variation in the leather.
  7. I do not know the colour of your other one put it is really lovely all bubbly a bag of quality.
  8. Other one's the metallic spy. they come in mostly gold with silver highlights, or mostly silver with gold highlights. mine is the former.
  9. I love your spies...they still look awsome despite the fade...and your kitty is too cute!!
  10. love the spies! good thing i didnt get the 1st season petrol, although i was dying to get one before :smile:
  11. Have they started making petrol again? What about the green, too?
  12. ^I don't think they've started making them again. I got the new one from when it showed up on eluxury. We all thought it must have been a return.
  13. Great! Thanks, and I love the kitty!!
    So are you selling your old Petrol now :graucho:
  14. Thanks everyone for the kitty love! She is quite the perfect little kitty, with a touch of diabetes :crybaby:

    Yes, planning on selling the old Petrol when I get around to it. I bought it used on ebay about a week before I found the new one on eluxury. I've never used it, but the original owner used it plenty!!
  15. Those are sooooo lovely. Really. :yes: