old/new hybrid stam

  1. I got a black Stam in early Jan 06 at Barneys NYC. It had the new shiny gold hardware (not the old brassy one) BUT the old bordeaux suede leather lining, not the new canvas one that was to be released shortly after. Someone told me that this batch of Stams (resort?) were hybrids between the old and the new, does anybody else have that combination bag? I'm asking cause I'm thinking about selling it and would like to know how to describe this to buyers, as I'm thinking people might be confused of the mix of old lining + new hardware. Just want to make sure it is "normal". And would it be a resort bag or what? :shrugs:

    Any help appreciated!

    Oh, also it does not have the little security clasp that the newer styles got, even though it has the new gold color hardware. This is so confusing!
  2. Hi! Would you mind posting pictures of the bag, nameplate, serial tag (sewn into the bottom of the interior pocket) and zipper heads for us to see? I don't think I've seen Stams with shiny gold hardware and burgundy suede interior before.
  3. Does it have the little serial tag in the pocket? That should tell you what season it is from!
  4. I don't have it with me but I'll take some pics and post within a couple of days. Meanwhile any help appreciated!! I found an old pic that I can post, but I'll take more of the tags, serial no etc. At least in this pic you can see the old lining/new hardware combo that I'm talking about. Is it weird? At least this combo was never faked right?
  5. To be honest I'm not that familiar with the Resort 2005 line so you might want to see if Thithi has any additional information. Good luck!
  6. I think this one might be the Fall 05 in the nappa leather. The nappa leather was shiny and smooth, whereas icy was textured. What does your serial tag say? However, the shiny light gold hardware is confusing for a Fall 05 bag...pics would help us to identify your bag if you can post them.

    thithi, your thoughts?
  7. I'm leaning more toward Resort 05. I think that season had the burgundy suede and shiny gold hardware. Jan would have been around the time it was available. If you post a photo of the serial tag, that will enlighten us further.
  8. can't wait to solve this mystery season bag!

    I have the black nappa with the light gold hardware, but the serial says R05. the lining is in the cream suede. I think I was told that it was a Spring 06 bag with the Resort 05 serial tag. Oh, that MJ, keeping us on our toes with all these variations!
  9. I will post the serial tag as soon as I have the bag with me, left it at my sisters house! Solving this is really useful for me as well!
  10. i thought all the black stams with suede burgundy lining were iceys.. sily me, i didnt know it also came in this kind of leather..
  11. I have on record two suede linings released for Resort 05... both the cream suede and the burgundy. Perhaps the Barney's was a limited edition because the other one I saw with burgundy suede was from Barney's as well. I know Barney's was the only location to have the Bordeaux Stella.
  12. guess that means that this bag will be even more special and harder to find! you sure you want to give her up??? :drool:
  13. Yes, I think I'm sure! Haven't used it for almost a year now, and that makes me feel so bad. I hate having beautiful things that I don't use or love as much as I think it deserves. I will feel better giving it up to someone that will treasure it. It's a stunning bag, I've just come to that it's not for me, not my style.

    I won't be able to go pick up the bag for a few more days, so I'm gonna call my sis now and ask her to take a look at the serial tag, can anyone tell me where it is located so I can direct her?

    (And..I don't know if it's ok to ask, if not then mods please edit this out, but reg. selling what kind of price would be decent to take? I don't know anything about the resale value of this bag thats why I'm asking about this whole thing in the first place, to find out more about it so I can list a decent and fully describing listing)
  14. ^ Have her look along the sides of the interior zipper pocket. There should be a black tag sewn in there.
  15. thithi's right....this is a resort 05 stam...released about january 06...