Old Neverfull TRIANON line

  1. Guys, ever since the new neverfull's came out, I cannot search and find the TRianon Neverfull bags that a few of you ladies had - does anyone have either pics or links to the threads where they posted? I just need to see them as a reference...

    Many thanks!
  2. gah- if I had my camera with me I'd take pics of the trianon line from Le Catalogue. It's from 2004 and is made of a beige/ off-white toile with Suahli leather trim. The Neverfull bag came in 30cm and 50cm sizes and kinda has the shape of a triangular speedy/keepall. There also was the Sac de Nuit which came in 19cm, 24cm, and 28cm sizes and also released with exotic trim. The least known bag is the Poids Plume vertical tote, which came in 27cm and 40cm sizes. Hope that helps!