Old Navy Flip Flops $2 plus free shipping!

  1. Do you know if the flip flops are the same price in the stores? Thanks!:tup:
  2. YES!my friend was in NY a week back and bought some of these flipflops for $2.;)
  3. Yep same price in the stores.
  4. Thank you ^^^^ so much! I just orderd 8 pairs and a pair of sateen trousers! I am pregnant and can ONLY get my feet into flip-flops, I didn't want to pay 7-8 dollars for one pair~! :wlae:Now I have a varity for work!
  5. I love Old Navy flip-flops...
    And they're sooo cheap! I can get like a pair in every color, and if they get dirty or break, I can afford to replace them the every year!
  6. Thanks MissyO! I ordered 4 pair of flip flops for myself and 2 for my friends. I just love great deals :tup:
  7. Thanks!!