Old Navy F&F 20% Off Printable Coupon (good now through December 6th)

  1. Must be used in-store.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. are the outlet stores participating this? and the 50% off hoodies?
  4. wow.. awesome thanks!!
  5. I don't know. :confused1: The coupon/email doesn't say anything about store specifics; best to call your outlet store and ask.
  6. I can sure use this! Thank you!
  7. yay. Thanks !!
  8. im printing and going right now :biggrin:
  9. Thank you very much for sharing. Used it today but the cashier was grumbling about it only being for employees, none the less, it helped me save some money!
  10. that's odd... I don't know why they would email this out to the masses otherwise. I've aleady gone twice. In between classes on Friday when I got it in my email, and today! I'll probably go back a couple more times before it's over...

  11. yeah that is odd. maybe that person was having a bad day. my person was very friendly and said i could keep using it until the 6th when it ended. there was a lady in the line next to mine being rude to the cashier so i was hoping she didnt take out her frustrations on me

    i used it to but some hoodies that were 50% off for the day so all together i saved 70%

    i was so happy :yahoo:
  12. I'm glad to hear that you had no problems with your coupon. I'm going back tomorrow for more stuff. Like you I got 2 puffer vests for 70% off!
  13. Does anyone know if this is valid in Canada too?
  14. Thanks a lot for sharing!! hopefully the things i wanna get will be on sale tomorrow too.