Old Navy - Everything in store 30% off 1/29-1/30 (Fri & Sat only)

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  1. I don't know if this is everywhere, but hopefully it is. The title says it all. You don't need a coupon or need to be a cardholder or spend a certain amount of money. Everything is 30% off!
  2. Same deal in Canada but you have to be either:

    1. wearing red
    2. wearing something that says "Canada"
    3. wearing something with a maple leaf on it :smile:

    Also valid Sunday in Canada as well!
  3. The 30% off the entire store is not stackable with the current 25% cardholder promo going on through tomorrow.
  4. ^^ what 25% cardholder promo? :biggrin:
  5. ^^^ never mind. Found it.
  6. I went Thursday night when it was 50% off all reduced. Then I used the card mailed to me which got an extra 25% off on top of the 50% off. I did see the sign in window last night that now it is 30%. They seem to change their sales almost daily!
  7. I think this sale is everywhere.
  8. thxs