old navy bags

  1. hey everyone,i was in old navy the other day and couldn't believe they now sell real leather bags! they are pretty cute considering old navy,anyway,they have like cute little bucket shaped like bags in yellow,grey and a pale pink like a rose color.price is pretty good too..$50
  2. are they on sale? try to visit if i had a time
  3. no,that was their actual price
  4. I saw them too, I think they're cute. I bought a canvas tote there a little while ago. I really think they are starting to step things up.
  5. I thought those bags were only leather accented. Are they all leather?
  6. i have the all leather satchel ( i guess that's what it's called) in nude color and it's on sale for $29.99. i like to get the pink one or the creme (cleaning would be a prob also) but i'll have a hard time matching it w/ my clothes. they have like an off-white almost grey, a creme sorta pastel yellow ones too.