Old Navy, anyone?

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  1. *ducks*!!

    I went in the other day and found SO MUCH cute stuff!! I got 1 pair of capris, 2 skirts, 1 tanktop, one cardigan/shell set, one white button down shirt, 2 sweaters and a few other items for under $300!!

    I start a law firm internship on Feb. 5th so I needed to get a few 'professional' pieces. I had intended on going to Nordstroms (my usual standby!!) but decided to check out the new Old Navy by my house and I was pleasantly suprised!!

    Anyone else like this store?

    LOL I know its not high couture...but their prices are AMAZING!! $26.50 for a pair of capri shorts?!?! Love it!!:nuts:
  2. Love Old Navy. I buy T's, cargo pants, shorts etc. Love to shop for my 1 year old there. Cheap but pretty good quality for the money.
  3. I love it! The clothes are so pretty! Good for my wallet!
  4. I love it too!!! I buy my kids a lot of stuff there, and myself basics.
  5. I looooooove Old Navy. Very affordable and cute!
  6. Love it! I don't like the way that their pants fit me, but I have got a ton of cheap & cute tops there.

    They have some of the BEST tanks & camis for layering -- soft as thin as silk, but machine washable:yahoo:
  7. I love Old Navy. I just bought some cute trench coats for $30 each!
  8. I love Old Navy too, they have amazing sales. I just bought my son a down filled winter coat for next year for $6!!!!!

    I especially love the extra 50% off clearance sales.
  9. they are a gap company. good quality, crazy dirt cheap prices and usually well fit clothing. why not? i can't actually do a lot of shopping there b/c i am really tiny and they don't have much for small people, but overall i like it.
  10. omigod. especiallyif you have ever lost your luggage and have to go get a weeks worth of clothes on a vacation budget!!!!!!

    (oh yes, i have done it)
  11. I love Old navy! They always have a bunch of sale items.
  12. their jeans are the only ones that fit me just right for some reason. i've tried designer.. they just don't work out. haha.
  13. ^LOL lucky you!! :smile:

  14. I like Old Navy & their skirts work well, but I'm the opposite for pants/jeans! I always get that gap at the top of jean in back...and i can't figure out what it is in the fit... they just don't hug like other jeans do, funny cuz my fave pair of jeans is a GAP jean & I'm fine with Banana Republic, too.:confused1:
  15. I buy their jeans for my son, sometimes.