old mezzo, new mezzo, neverfull gm, please help

  1. so, i got a used mezzo in decent shape for a little over $400. I could get a new mezzo for a little over $800, or i could just get a new neverfull gm. this bag would not be used all the time, just when i need to carry more or if i'm going overnight or something. please help!
  2. I love the Neverfull because it doesn't have the vachetta on the bottom. I would hate to worry about that whenever I put the bag down.
  3. Neverfull! Very chic and has a worry-free bottom :tup:
  4. New Cabas Mezzo.
  5. Mezzo, hands down!! I don't much like those thin straps on the Neverfull.. kind of looks flimsy to me.
    Mezzo is a classic.. you can't go wrong with a classic, very chic! And of course, it's Angelina Jolie's LV of choice!! LOL
  6. What's the difference between old and new mezzo? I'd go for the mezzo, old or new!
  7. new cabas mezzo-- I think it is a really well-constructed bag and sturdy, with a zipper top. I think the neverfull is great, too, though, because the bottom is canvas and not vachetta, and it's cheaper-- I just don't like how it doesn't zip and how thin the handles are (and the mezzo has brass hardware on the handles which is much nicer). IDK, try them both on!
  8. ITA!

    I don't think I'll ever be a fan of the Neverfull, simply because it looks too flimsy.
  9. I think the Neverfull looks cheap-y b/c of the straps. The lining is pretty and the bottom is worry-free, but I think the Mezzo is just simply chic and classic.

    ETA -- I think you should buy a new Mezzo if need be.

  10. New mezzo! It's a classic beauty!
  11. Scarlett Johanssen with her Mezzo this week... terrible pic, but just goes to show everyone's got one... a true classic!

  12. mm..i really love the Mezzo..it's my kind of travel chic..
  13. New or Old Mezzo. I love this bag so chic, structured & zipper top.
  14. I'd say keep the Old Mezzo since you got it for a good price and it is still in decent shape.

    Save that extra money for something else you might want later on down the road.
  15. I need a bag that zippers in case it rains so I vote for either Mezzo.