Old medium Chanel Boy or My ABC Lady Dior?

Kein Engel

Mar 11, 2020
Hi I’m new here so let me know if I am posting in the wrong thread.

I am having trouble deciding between two bags and I have to be careful because I have saved hard:

1. Old medium Chanel Boy bag in black caviar with ruthenium hardware
2. My ABC Lady Dior in amaranth (wine coloured) lambskin with champagne gold hardware

I was pretty much set on the Chanel as it will be more hard wearing and will hold it‘s value. Also I want to buy it before the next price increase (rumoured to be Nov). But I am tall (5’ 10”) and I felt that the Boy sat a little high on me.

I loved the colour of the Dior (it was my husbands favourite too) and the SA was so nice but I’m worried about durability.

I would appreciate your thoughts?




princess suki

Mar 23, 2012
Hi and welcome to the forum!
I think both bags look great on you! From the photos I don’t think the Boy sits too high but it’s personal preference as to whether it will bother you. I don’t have a Boy bag so can’t comment on that but if you are worried about durability, the Dior lambskin is much more hard wearing than Chanel lambskin. I have a My Lady Dior in grey lambskin and I use it without too much worry and no scratches after 18 months.
Good luck in your decision and excited to see what you choose!
Mar 6, 2020
Love your outfit!

Is this how you typically dress? If so, I would vote for Lady Dior.

If your heart is set on Chanel, I think a classic flap would look stunning. I agree with @princess suki above that the where the boy sits is a personal preference. Not a huge fan of boy bags in general.

Good luck deciding!
I agree , your look is totally Dior so that bag seems to suit you better!


Feb 26, 2013
Southern CA
Your skirt is beautiful! I love the Dior on you. Full disclosure: not a huge Boy fan. But the Dior really just seems to suit you, and I love the color.
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I wanna go shopping!
Sep 24, 2010
I’m a big fan of both the LD and the Boy, but I’d pick the Dior. It looks great on you. As far as the durability, i’ve got two lamb diors and they‘ve held up great for me
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Jan 16, 2009
I would vote for the Chanel Boy all the way! I just find them to be much easier to use. My Lady Dior is absolutely gorgeous, but I find it to be too 'dressy' and less casual. I am a very casual dresser, and maybe that is what is swaying my opinion. Both are such incredible bags though!


Instagram @thediarentist
Nov 23, 2009
I vote for the Chanel boy bag too!

Even though I own a mini lady Dior (black patent) and love it, I’m always partial to Chanel and especially love the boy bag.

I can suggest that you explore other hardware choices for the boy bag like shiny gold or silver hardware, this way you’ll still enjoy the durability of the caviar leather and the shiny hardware would be in my opinion more versatile than the ruthenium which gives a more casual vibe :smile:
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May 17, 2015
My vote for Dior , Boy bag becomes really bulky and heavy especially with the chain,

i have both and i would absolutely recommend ABC Dior it is a great in between size and has a flap closure and is really sturdy lambskin

also note that Chanel Boy bags dont have a great resale value comparedto classic flaps


Sep 9, 2020
I personally like the Chanel Boy better. But the Lady Dior in this color looks so great on you. It makes you shine! And it seems to fit your style better. The Boy bag looks boring in comparison (but I don't think it looks too small on you), but I can see that it'd be the more sensible choice, it's more versatile. Go with the bag that makes you smile when you think of it!
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Mar 9, 2020
You said that you saved a lot and want a Chanel bag before the price increase, but love the colour on the Dior bag.

In my head the Boy has an edge to it and you dress very feminine. I don't know if this is what you wear on a daily basis.

If you only like the colour of the Dior bag, why not try a Chanel (classic flap perhaps, or just try other models) in burgundy? It does read like you'd rather want a Chanel bag and this fall's burgundy is gorgous and very similair to the Dior bag you're wearing.