Old LV handbags question.

  1. I have many LV cnavas handbags, some as old as 14 years or so. They are all in "mint" condition. I have not worn any one of them many times and have covered in their dust bags and have been stored properly.
    Many of them have been discontinued. Do you think older LV handbags look dated? Would you wear your older style handbags and feel stylish wearing them?
  2. I own a few "vintage" LVs and I wear them with pride. I think they have a certain character to them and the styles I own, I consider to be iconic. I tend to rotate my bags almost daily, so all still get plenty of attention!
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  3. I have a pre-loved LV that is from 2003. I find her to be unique and unusual because she is no longer in production. Great thread. Thanks for letting me share.
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  4. I think the older handbags would look good depending on the style and confidence of the owner!
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  5. I have a few older bags - a Noe GM from 1994, a Looping GM from around 2000 (can't remember exact year), and a Horizontal Lockit GM. My Noe looks really used, the other 2 still look pretty pristine with just light patina. I do not think they look dated, and I enjoy carrying them. I think it just depends on your personal style. I see a lot of vintage LVs around my city, and I always think they look great so long as the bags are in nice condition & well cared for.
  6. OMG I totally forgot about the Looping and that I had one of those. I loved it back in the day! Thanks for prompting the memories.

    As to wearing vintage bags, I think it depends on the style and your personal style. Some people can really pull it off. Might clash with a more modern look, but I think they can definitely be worn still. The bag will make you unique and rare since no one else is likely carrying it around.
  7. here's dated for you...yesterday I carried the LV Denim Baggy GM (like the below) and I got so many compliments and questions. Next time I whip it out, I'll take pics. Because it's denim and YEARS old, it does have a bit of wear and tear but it still looks beautiful. My mum gave it to me.
  8. I still use my Musette Salsa from around 2003 and still get compliments from my friends.
  9. Thank you all for your responses. I suppose there is no need to think older LV bags should not be worn. I will try wearing a few a see how I feel wearing them..
  10. LOL I'm carrying my Looping today, in fact!