Old loved worn mulberry bags

  1. Anyone got any piccies of well worn old darwin leather bags so i can see what they are like ?! Does the oak darwin go alot darker? Thanks!

  2. That's something I would also like to know...:confused1:
  3. I can take a picture of mine if you like :smile:
  4. yes please!!!
  5. I hope this one's ok. It's taken without a flash. The ones I took with a flash make the bag look like orange plastic.
    Mulberry Rosemary 006.jpg
  6. So Shallot - how has your leather held up?
  7. I'm not the original owner of the rosemary. When she was bought for me, she already had some watermark stains - they were very faint though. At first I tried not to mark or stratch the leather, but I think that's slightly impossible if you want to use the bag as an everyday bag as I did. It is marked, but I still love it. The marks aren't hideously obvious or anything, especially not when worn, it's just something that can be seen on closer inspection.

    I'd recommend Darwin leather to anyone who doesn't mind if it's not kept in pristine condition, that's not to say it looks old and beaten up, just not in mint condition. I think it's a great everyday bag, but if you're in an overly rainy area, it's probably not a perfect match either.
  8. Darwin leather is probably the one that shows marks the most but I have a Helier bag in congo leather that I've had for more than 10 years and have used a lot. I do give it a bit of a polish every few years (!) but it's held up really well and still looks good.
    I've found their bags in glove leather are great as they are softer and lighter than the darwin and are lined - I can't get my head around spending hundreds of pounds on a bag that isn't lined....just can't do it.
    The glove leather doesn't mark in the rain and is incredibly hard wearing. I've used my chocolate Soho all winter and not polished it once. (And we get a lot of rain here in the UK!!)
  9. I love the way Darwin ages, it becomes like your personal bag if that makes sense
  10. I've got 1 Mulberry bag in Oak darwin leather and another one in Antique Glace leather.

    The oak darwin does scratch fairly easily if not protected however both age beautifully and i truly believe both mine look better than when i first bought them.

    Mulberry recommend Collinil spray which is the spray i have used. This will avoid staining and i'm sure it protects some scratching too.

    i hope this helps.

  11. Trix - where do you get this collinil spray from? I've been contemplating getting it for a little while now.