Old Lady With Bad Eyes Needs Help!

  1. OK, I surrender! I've looked up one side and down the other on this board but can't seem to see an "Other Designers" sub-forum anywhere. There are tons of great designers besides the ones listed in the Bags sub-forum. I just got a great new Michael Kors bag and can't find a place to post "bragging rights" and a picture.

    Why don't we have a sub-forum for those. :shrugs:

    Vlad? Megs? Somebody?:love:
  2. THATS what the regular handbags and purses section is for....
  3. ^^^Yup. It's Handbags and Purses.
  4. Well, I did say I was old! I never scrolled beyond the designer sub-forums to see the other posts. :Push:

    More reading to catch up on now! :nuts:
  5. after I check in my couple of favorite Forums, I click on the "New Posts" button on the purple navigation bar at the top of any page, then I don't miss anything in Forums I may not visit otherwise!
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