Old items on website again?

  1. I was clicking around on the website, put in a search for iPod...and this came up (hope the link works)


    and this is back online...


    course when i click on it I get the "no longer found on coach.com" page...is this a tease, or really coming back?
  2. I've seen several things on there this morning that are doing the same thing when you click on them :confused1:
  3. I noticed that too...and I got all excited because I thought the Shoulder Tote was back.
  4. Yeah, there are alot of items on there that lead to dead links...perfume print items, some signature stripe items (shoulder tote, camera bag)

    I'd totally buy the legacy stripe iPod holder...if my new iPod fits in it...and I get a PCE coupon. heheeh
  5. I know...i want the Carly wristlet :sad:
  6. Coach did this before earlier this year (putting old things on the website) and all we could come up with is maybe they are doing some inventory cleanup.

    Anyone's guess is as good as mine.
  7. I've heard rumors that ipod case would be available again this winter...so maybe they are prepping for it to be available and someone just set up the web site wrong.
  8. I got all hyped up when I saw the patent apple keyfob.. and then realized it was sent to a dead link. :sad:
  9. I know when I was at the outlet in Las Vegas last week they had both apple charms :yes:

  10. I think they should give us all PCE cards for the undue stress this is causing us. :lol:
  11. Boo for the dead links!!! :sad:
  12. There are items I thought were retired that are still on the site. Maybe I'm just not up to speed as to what is still being sold :shrugs: