old gucci blondie bag question

  1. can somebody tell me how much $$$ this bag retailed for in stores?

    p.s. also, if you have any pics please send!!!
  2. I have this white Gucci bag from the Blondie collection. It retailed for $1400 usd. The bag is pretty ROCKSTAR! :rochard:
  3. 19_1_sbl.jpg
  4. aalabama! The bag on eBay is ROCKSTAR!! I remembered seeing that bag at GUCCI! :yes:
  5. [​IMG]

    I brought this Blondie bag at Gucci. When they were having a sale for $700. I really like the black bag aaallaabama but I'm afraid to buy from eBay.
  6. thanks so much for your replies janice & aprild...both of you have gorgeous gucci bags...i don't blame you for being afraid to buy on e-bay aprild...most of the gucci bags up there are fakes...i just happened to luck out with my black blondie :love:

    p.s. i'm sad i didn't bid on that white gucci janice
  7. this style rocks!!!!
    i love the red one with the blue&red trim LiLo has...:love:
  8. wow, i never knew the gucci blondie came i in red (?)
  9. I really love this bag too! I missed out on it as well....
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