Old Gringo Boots $99.95 @ 6PM.com

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  1. This week only - 7/20-7/24. Wow - some boots cost $670 MSRP! For your inner cowgirl. Go get them ladies! :yahoo:

    Old Gringo - Search 6pm.com
  2. Awesome! There are some really cute styles! Thanks :smile:
  3. Which ones did you girls get?? :upsidedown:

    They are really selling out of these boots quickly! I checked out the site about noon and they had soo many to choose from! Now they're really limited. Luckily, the ones I wanted were still available in my size by the time I could actually sit down and buy a pair (I always seem to like everything that's not so popular - LOL). Now I have to go check out every thread with free in the title.... LOL! Too many good deals & steals this past week!