Old Glamour, My FIRST Suhali!! PIXs ^_<

  1. This is my first Suhali, Favorite style (Old School=Classic IMO :p):love:, and not the everyday color like black or white...... She's an eBay jewel, and the seller is super nice, i bought this from her before my first order of inclusion arrives hehe.

    *Inclusions will be posted on another thread:angel:
    11 26 07 box.JPG 11 26 07 wrap.JPG 11 26 07 dust.JPG
  2. and last batch of pix. sorry no model pix this time, it's too cold for an island girl to leave her PJs in cold weather :shame:
    11 26 97 corner.JPG 11 26 07 front.JPG 11 26 07 back.JPG
  3. Oh! Cant wait to see!
  4. Gorgeous! Plum is my favorite Suhali color :biggrin:
  5. Congrats! It's my fav Suhali colour!
  6. BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous color! Congratulations!
  7. Congrats! Plum is such a fabulous color.
  8. :tup: Congratulations!
  9. Congrats...Plum is MAJOR!!!
  10. WOWEE!!! that is one LUSCIOUS color!!! :drinkup: congrats!!!
  11. love the colour
  12. Luv this color. COngrats!
  13. one can never go wrong with Suhali :yes: and plum is the best colour imo. CONGRATS!!!!!
  14. Thanks everyone! :love: I was debating between the blue and plum, but it's much easier to find blue than plum IMO, so Plum it is!
  15. Oh snap!!!

    Congrat's, what a wonderful buy!!