old format no longer available?

  1. Is the old format no longer available?

    The new format does not work on sidekick :sad:
  2. Urghhhh, I hate the new format. Why was the old one taken away???
  3. I came to post this as well tink...??

    I was using the old format, and then all of a sudden it switched to the new format on its own and there isn't a menu at the bottom anymore to switch it back over?

  4. It stopped working for me, too. I thought I accidentally clicked something, but I can't change it back anymore.
  5. me too and i can't stand the new one....please help!
  6. me too... i thought i've accidentally changed it as well, but couldn't change it back to the old tpf. :confused1:
    please let me know if it can be changed back to old format. thanks!

    ^oops, i just read vlad's post above. please ignore my questions.
  7. Thanks for the info! :smile:

    Please have an option (if possible) that has a bit darker colors... The bright colors are cute, but I can't look at them too long, because the combination of the white & bright colors gives me a blinding headache... :sad:

    That being said... my DH will be happy because I won't be on the laptop as much with the brighter colors!! :p
  8. Hrmmmmm, ok. :s
  9. Hope it all works out...I have already received email that people are having trouble with this. Let's see what happens.
  10. I was shocked to see that the switch button wasn't available anymore at first too :sweatdrop:

    Especially since it didn't work with my Sidekick

    HOWEVER: I've just re-checked and everything is fine on the go :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:

    What SK do you have? II or III? Mine's the 2nd generation and everything is A.OK now :idea:
  11. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. I thought something was wrong when I logged on and saw the pink "new" page which I dislike very much-LOL.

    I see Vlad says he is working on another one for those of us who dislike this one-it can't come soon enough for me! Thanks Vlad (and hurry ;) )
  13. Honestly, it hurts my eyes. I don't mind the layout, but the color scheme is downright PAINFUL! :crybaby: